The Future Of Digital Signage Has Arrived

Forty Winks has leaped into the future of in-store advertising this year, introducing the first digital, cloud-based media to its Chatswood store in Sydney.

The eight digital screens, commissioned and installed by KAWANA, replace standard banner advertising for the Australian bed company, eliminating the “untidy” look sometimes left behind as a result of hanging printed posters.

“Potentially Forty Winks or any other retailer could install these in every store within their network and can manage all the content from a central head office with promotional messages, videos, and more,” KAWANA corporate accounts manager Ian Whyte said.

Digital Signage

The software was designed to simplify digital signage deployments with an easy-to-use platform, which was built to replace USB sticks by offering a cost-effective, cloud-based solution.

The advancements in the cloud-based system allows managers to schedule separate playlists for various times of the day, and weekends. It is also easily accessible from any PC anywhere, anytime.

“What it means is the clients can load up their own graphics information, for example, ‘SALE 50% OFF ALL BEDS’, and have the same message playing on all screens as a fixed message, or have several messages scrolling together, or basically in any combination you want,” Ian said.

“It is all run through the internet and run off the standard office PC, so the store owner could load messages from anywhere if required.”

Many businesses are looking to the future of digital marketing, and KAWANA is at the forefront of this, continuously seeking advancements to offer clients across Australia.