The Evolution of LED Signage in Australia And Around The World

After more than 30 years in the sign industry, working with hundreds of different mediums, we’ve seen our fair share of trends.

But nothing has been quite as transformative as what is taking place on the lighting side of our industry, specifically with LED.

It’s an exciting time for business and industry, as both production and product evolve in new ways and new trends start to appear in our retail landscapes.
Planning for, and sometimes predicting, these industry trends is challenging, especially when we are monitoring both the national and international landscape for what’s coming next. Within these challenges, however, there is plenty of opportunities to try and test new ideas, grow our production skills and execute incredible illuminated environments.
LEDs have proven they are here for the long haul; their versatility, efficiency, and even pliability are allowing our team to produce signage that we couldn’t have imagined five, even two years ago.
Every day our team are looking to the future of signage, and sometimes that means looking into our past for inspiration. That’s the beauty of the industry and ever-evolving retail landscape – there are always new opportunities to shine, and LEDs are at the forefront of it all.