Eye-Catching Hoarding Solutions for Businesses

Hoarding Solutions to Advertise Your Business

Excitement is building on the streets in Melbourne as preparations for a new shop is taking place in the CBD.

However, it’s not the construction itself that has left passersby in a frenzy, but the graphically eye-catching hoarding outside the actual project.

These crucial advertising tools, measuring anywhere from a few metres to an entire street in length, can be found in busy streets and avenues, shopping centres and even in buildings or at intersections.

Hoarding to advertising business
The intent, of course, is to create maximum exposure for the products and announcements of the business, which we are KAWANA are proud experts of.
Our team understands the importance of brand presence in an advertising landscape, especially during the construction process when generating excitement for an upcoming reveal is crucial.

Working with our customers and their appointed builders, KAWANA designs, manufactures and installs hoardings and other retail coverings within short timeframes – often outside of retail trading hours.

Here is an example:
Working to international brand guidelines for KTM, KAWANA was engaged in improving KTM’s presence in Australia.
As part of the brief, KAWANA included Hoarding to be placed across the front of the various locations. These acted as billboards for the business while work was underway behind the scenes.

Thanks to our Select Premium Partnerships with 3M, we were able to install KTM signage at several sites across Australia within a predetermined timeframe, and will continue with the rollout of the signage across all new and refurbished dealerships.