Environmental Graphics

Environmental Graphics have the ability to add another dimension and transform your office or retail space into a fun and functional place. Not only do they provide personality, they also communicate to the client, creating a desired feel and experience in each space.

At KAWANA, the possibilities are endless as environments are enhanced and optimised by the use of Environmental Graphics. Whether it be invigorating red stripes in the sales office or a calming rainforest in the waiting room, loud glam and glitter for a youth retail store or intricate gold florals, Environmental Graphics provide brand identity and personality to an area, linking them directly to the communities they serve, bringing the environment to life.

Environmental Graphics are also extremely functional as they create highly organised and efficient navigation solutions to improve personal experience.

Working with customers, designers or interior architects, KAWANA can design, produce and install first-class Environmental Graphics, utilising a range of different products to best suit your requirements, space and budget.