Build Your Corporate Identity With Bold Unified Signage

 Signage is the most visible representation of your brand, and the use of well-designed, bespoke signs can be helpful in establishing a strong corporate identity. Signage should be thought of as a 24/7 presentation of the values of your brand, and as such it is important that the design used is as memorable as possible. We have listed some tactics that we consider important when designing unified signage that fits your corporate identity.

Design is Crucial, Simplicity is Key

If you are using unified signage to foster a specific corporate identity, you can expect to see the design present in a number of applications, such as indoor and outdoor advertising boards, reception signs and wall murals. The signage should elicit a strong first impression by innovative use of typeface, colours and shapes. Consumers perceive certain colours and shapes subliminally, and a talented graphic designer can use this to their advantage.

For corporate applications, the presentation should be dynamic, professional and in keeping with how you wish the public to perceive your enterprise. The design should look to foster trust in the consumer by presenting the subject powerfully and with clarity.

When it comes to businesses that have existed for decades, modern logos and signs are often simpler now than they were in the past. This is to ensure that they are clearly identifiable when viewed in low quality on tablets or smartphones. As a general rule, small text should be avoided unless you feel it is integral to the corporate identity you wish to present.

Encapsulate Your Values and Generate Interest

Whether you are seeking outside help or utilising an in-house design team, it is vital that graphic designers clearly comprehend the values you wish to convey. The brand image created will be visible in a number of forms, such as business cards, social media banners, stationery and company vehicles, so it must be fully representative of your business.

Whatever form your brand image is presented in, it must be designed to engage customers with your business. Ideally, the signage will demonstrate the personality or culture of your organisation and encourage viewers to carry out a transaction. You might wish to encourage a Call To Action (CTA) in your brand image – this can be an effective way to engage customers who might otherwise ignore your particular service. Many multinational companies have employed Calls To Action as part of their branding, and certain phrases can be immediately associated with companies when you hear them.

Stand out from the Crowd

Signs are absolutely everywhere. On an average walk through a retail district you will likely view hundreds of signs, all of which are intended to convey the function of a business with a single glance.

Industries often follow certain colour schemes. For example, law firms generally utilise muted and reserved colours and designs due to the seriousness of their work, whereas fast-food chains employ brighter colour schemes that are immediately recognisable. Think of the five largest fast-food chains in Australia, and it is very likely you will immediately remember the colour schemes they employ.

A good designer will be able to design signage that stands out from similar businesses without leaving any doubt as to the function of the business in question.

Full-Service Solutions From Kawana Signs

As a leading supplier of signage solutions in Queensland, Kawana Signs can design, create and install signage concepts that showcase your corporate identity. We can utilise the latest technologies and call upon our varied expertise for all signage applications, big or small. For more information on our commercial signage (LINK TO PAGE) services, give us a call on (07) 5493 2577 or use our online contact page.

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